So, what is this site about?

It’s about a lot of things, you see.

Those things I call gifts. Gifts that, in the form of letters, words, and sentences I bring for you.

Although within this tiny space hidden in some nook of the galaxy of internet I write stuff to purge out my emotions, I practice precisely to entertain you. And with a hope to deliver at least some value along with entertainment :).

You see, my blog’s a tiny planet inside the “milky way”. Very, very tineeeeey!!

But I have named this tiny planet “Infinite Words”.

Because I want to share SO much with YOU through words.

I want to offer you colorful gifts. These humble gifts🎁 include a few poems, quotes, life hacks, my travel experiences, and tips and tricks on copy writing (you know I’m learning this cool😎 art and science, so I think I should share it with you).

And I’ll pour you my gifts in all sorts of variety, in the form of anything and everything that I may feel like writing about (of course, with some shit here and there too😂).

What I hope is you accept my gifts.

And, they bring a smile on your beautiful face.

Brighten your day.

And, cheer you up, a little more in these fast-paced-everybody-going-crazy-for-anything times.



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